No gadget in your home will work without the stable power supply. That’s why it’s very important to buy a good power generator which will serve you for a long period of time. But what is the best one? There is a great number of these electricity machines on the market but it’s a very tricky task to buy the best one. Let’s have a look at them according to our review.

If you need a power generator, your choice is often limited by generators with electric start, gas powered generators, liquid propane powered generators. They may have different options such as portability or standby, a wheel kit, a transfer switch, air-conditioning etc. The number of functions influences on the price of the device. But it doesn’t mean that you should buy only basic models and be satisfied with them. Choose the one you really need and follow to our Generac generators review.

Generac generator review

Standby generators are mostly more reliable and they are suitable for providing electricity to large spaces, such as public buildings or big countryside cottages. But their main drawback is that they are immovable and you cannot easily transfer it from one place to another. Portable generators, in their turn, take less space and they are often equipped with never-inflated wheel kits which enable users to easily move them around. However, they are not as powerful and multi-functional as standby power generators so they are more useful for small spaces. The fuel for generators is also significant. It should be environment-friendly, so natural gas or liquid propane powered generators are more beneficial for your surroundings and your health than traditional gas powered devices. Air cooled generators are very convenient for users because they are not overheated in the process of working and they are less dangerous. While choosing a generator, pay attention on its capacity, because this is its crucial characteristic.

Generac Generator – winners choice

Generac is one of the leading power generators manufacturers. There are a lot of models made by this company which have established their reputations as reliable and long-lasting devices for private houses and public buildings. Accordint to consumer reviews, it can be said that Generac generator is most popular device for American households. They are often out of stock in on-line and off-line stores. These generators are specially designed for providing of the emergent power supply for users in case of blackouts. Generac’s know-how helps engines to work as long as conditions allow without any breaks. These generators are protected from any overloads and constructed for the work with the automatic start system when the electricity is switched off. Generac 5516 and Generac 5518 models greatly work both on the natural gas and on the liquid propane. The True Power technology enables you to use Generac gas powered generators for providing electricity for your household appliances.

The other great features of Generac generator include OHVI (Overhead Valve Industrial) engine which provides air-cooling and it helps to use gas more effectively. It also prevents overheating which is considered to be one of main reasons for generators’ breakages.

Generac Guardian series generators are equipped with a special case. It protects the Generac generator’s construction from bad weather conditions and helps to decrease the level of noise produced during the working period of a generator. This case also helps you to install a generator outside and it won’t be necessary for you to build any special room for it.

All Generac generators are equipped with the intuitive control system. Called Nexus, this control system has an increased level of response on any overload. Interface of such system is multilingual. The generator’s condition is displayed with the help of special codes. The control system includes the “Quick Test” function, so your generator will make a weekly test (with the equipment’s start) for providing the non-stop generator’s functioning. You can be sure that your generator will work when you’ll need that!

There are dozens of models on stock in on-line supermarkets and it’s not very easy to find the best one. If we compare reviews, consumer reports and ratings, we can list out the best generators made by Generac.

Generac generators are usually equipped with a polymer stand, so you can install it on any surface and you may not prepare a concrete basement for your device.

The best Generac generators are as following:

  1. Generac 600 LP3250 3,750 Watt 212cc OHV Liquid Propane Powered Portable Generator With Tank Holder.
  2. Generac 5747 XG8000E 10,000 Watt 410cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start.
  3. Generac 5847 XG8000E 8,000 Watt 410cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit & Electric Start.
  4. Generac 5735 GP17500E 26,250 Watt 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start.
  5. Generac CorePower Series 5837 7,000 Watt Air-Cooled Natural Gas/Liquid Propane Powered Standby Generator With Transfer Switch (CARB Compliant).
  6. Generac Guardian Series 5875 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator With Transfer Switch (CARB Compliant).
  7. Generac 5778 XG4000 4,500 Watt 220cc OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit.
  8. Generac XP6500E Portable Generator – 8125 Surge Watts, 6500 Rated Watts, Electric Start, Model# 5930.
  9. Generac Guardian Series 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator Without Transfer Switch (CARB Compliant).
  10. Generac 5734 GP15000E 22,500 992cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start.

Generac generator consumer reports

To sum up our review about Generac Generators

As we see, costumers choose multi-functional standby generators with a great capacity which are powered with natural gas or liquid propane. It’s very convenient and ecological especially if you live in the location with limited energy supply and multiple risks of blackouts. Generac’s CorePower and Guardian Series are especially popular because they use all innovative inventions, a simple and user-friendly control system and they are mostly air-cooled and protected from overheating. Portable Generac generators are also popular because they are more convenient for users living in small spaces and being constantly on move. Despite of the high price, people choose CARB Compliant generators. But it’s only you who decide what generator do you need for your household.